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Young rookie Johny Cruz is working late in the office when tall and handsome AJ comes in saying they should head off, leaving the paperwork for later. Eager to impress but keen not to look a loser, sexy Johny tries to explain his position, but AJ is all about another position, and wants to be the first to really welcome the young recruit to the force! Letting him in on a station secret, AJ decides to then show him exactly what the prisoners are used for here, and Johny is as always happy to learn the ropes! Propped up on the table, uniformed AJ soon strips his colleague down and plunges his giant bare dick straight up into Johny’s peachy and perfectly willing butt! Fucking the young man over and over, AJ’s beautiful raw dick disappears time and again inside Johny who happily bounces on top of it from tip to balls and works it hard, so much so that AJ struggles not to shoot deep inside him, preferring to pull out and coat the freshly fucked hole in spunk before pushing back deep, fucking his sperm into Johny, showing him exactly how it’s done here!

He came for a good old versatile kind of fuck, but ended up exploring his submissive side. It alls tarted when he saw a dog collar and a leash at his fuck-buddy's. He put it on and let himself played with like a sex-toy! Gay sex slave is forced to suck huge dick and fucked raw and rough by dominant master. Gay porn with Aj Alexander and Alex Silvers.

Only 19 and already totally submissive and craving for cock. The boy like anonymous sex in public toilets. He knows a place with a glory hole and uses it frequently. He's so good at giving blowjobs that the lucky guy on the other side of the wall always wants more. His ass that is!

Hung twink Charley, tied down and kept there by his masked man, the tattooed top takes his time, and his pleasure worked his boy, sucking on his big dick, teasing him with his lips, all whilst blindfolded, not knowing what's going on, until AJ Alexander decides it's time to untie him, but only when he needs those hands free for his own enjoyment. Devouring Charley's giant dick, the tattooed twink isn't going anywhere, and allows his body to be used by the slim, hung top. Hungry for dick, Charley is soon given the opportunity to enjoy the thick long shaft of AJ, slapping it over his boys face, spitting down onto them both. Turning his attention to Charley's ass, AJ fucks Charley into the floor as Charley tries to relax his butt enough to accommodate the full length and thickness! Bouncing on top, Charley goes balls deep, taking it all inside, his stiff dick swinging with each thrust as AJ keeps in control and soon dumps his load, letting Charley cum first so he can feel the tell-tale clenching of the bottom boy climaxing from the inside out. Shooting a proper fountain of spunk afterwards, Charley is left completely covered but still wanting more!


Bound, Blindfolded and submitted to their masked masters ? the unfortunate prey are submitted to an onslaught of giant dicks, sweaty pits and hungry tops eager to take their will out on them. Feeling much more fortunate once their blindfolds are taken off and ropes are loosened, just like their butt holes will soon be, the hung tops are soon sending their thick long dicks down throats and up ass, pounding hard, pinning them to the floor so no escape is possible ? even if they wanted to. From milky white twinks to hairy young men, no-one is safe from the masked men who take what they want, get what they are after and leave everyone else covered in cum, sweat and spit, ready for the next man to come along and use as they want!

Slung Up And Raw Anal Punishment
Rough, Hard and Deep:
The shop's sex-slave
Cocks, socks and foots
Treated like a slave
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