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It’s the final confession of the day and Father Kayden receives an unexpected visitor not from his parish. Blond young stud Alex Silvers comes in with a problem, but it’s not a spiritual one, it’s one much closer to the truth! Knowing what Kayden does in this booth, the holy man has just fucked his boyfriend, and this time it’s the priest who needs his penance! Blackmailing the young, hung fucker, Alex is after revenge for deflowering his boyfriend, Kayden has no choice but take what’s coming to him, after all, he can’t have this booth exposed! Alex gets what he wants and takes the priests ass for his own and rams his own long dick into the moaning and groaning priest, giving as good as his boyfriend got from him previously! Rocking the booth ‘til it almost collapses, the priests game is up, at least for this service; there’s always next Sunday!

Hung young James heads to church with a heavy heart. He’s got a problem that only Father Kayden, with his famously thick long dick can solve. Afraid he won’t get into Heaven, Kayden soon relaxes this young soul by reaching out to him, physically more than spiritually! With some encouraging words, our priest quickly gets what he wants as James, on his knees gets a face stuffed full of giant dick, twitching and dripping precum as his tongue caresses every inch, and there are a lot of them! Slowly working his thick shaft into James through the concealed entrance, James is fucked hard and fast, his own huge dick pushed down, solid at every thrust into him, the grace of God pushing deeper into him than he thought possible. The feeling of Kayden fucking him is pure ecstasy and he soon can’t take much more and shoots his load, covering the booth in sticky juice, the confession is done and the penance is paid!

The young passive thought he was chatting with a catfish when Kayden Grey contacted him online for a fuck. Fake profile or not, he couldn't take the risk of missing the fuck of his life. He tried his luck and guess what: The stud arrived and treated the boy's mouth and hole to his big fat juicy pole!

Kayden Gray after his sport workout body full of sweat and hot balls. The very handsome English guy knows that in those moments when he arrives in the locker room all the passive sluts dream to lick his cock and sniff his smelly balls. Once again, it does not miss: a young twink comes to submit and offer his ass to dominant lad. Naughty, Kayden had in his bag a big dildo and he will work the ass of this young gay btich before fucking him in double mode: his cock and dildo at the same time. Ecstasy.

Kayden Grey likes sports and ball games. He never misses a chance to get sweaty. Today after a 1 on 1 basketball game, Kayden brings he buddy up to his place for a hot rematch. Time to get those sweaty balls empty!

Unmasking his prey, devil-masked Kayden licks hairy young Gabriel's face, pushes his face into his hairy sweaty pit, and pulls his face into his ass crack, showing him exactly who is in charge and ensuring he won't run off if he's untied. With a dick the size of Kayden's waving in front of your face, not many would! Fucking Gabriel's throat deep, Kayden wants a taste of cock for himself and takes all of Gabriel's long handsome dick into his mouth with no problem. The hairy blond bottom is only too willing to oblige his master, and showing off his hot ass, is proven to be hungry for dick more than ever! Kayden's gorgeous toned body flexing and pumping perfectly as his slides his thick dick into Gabriel's, holding him by the face and bringing him back, making sure he's taking every last inch inside, balls deep and pushing places he has never been pushed before! Holding his hole open and even wider access, Kayden spits and fucks and uses Gabriel like the plaything he is, pinning him to the mattress and holding him in his muscled arms ? he's not going anywhere until Kayden shoots his huge load, all over Gabriel's hairy abs and chest, the heavy load almost hitting his face as it runs over his hairy body, mixing in with the spunk and sweat already soaking into Gabriel's spent body.

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