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Bound to the chair, Handsome young muscle stud Torean has no idea what's awaiting him. Slowly rubbing, sniffing and getting too close for comfort to the gorgeous young man in the chair, The Clown needs to get what he wants. Stripping him down and pulling and stroking on the delicious dick, Torean can't help but get hard with the soft tactile play he's subjected to. Soon being jerked off harder and faster, the perverted masked man, toned, hairy chested but always anonymous works him firmly and solidly under huge jets of cum erupt from the thick beautiful dick, leaving his boy empty, wet and covered in cum.


The Clown has found another hot piece of meat ! Here is smooth pale skinned twink Kamyk Walker . The masked man walks around him, and slowly strips his boy of his clothes to play. The muscled arms and hairy chest of The Clown work their way to Kamyk, but the situation unexpectedly turns on the tiny twink ! As his growing bulge takes the mans attention and he reaches in to pull softly on it, Kamyk has just one way to escape - and it involves a hot load of boy juice!


Bound and stripped, young latin twink Felipe Capuco is the new Clown slave and faces the same fate as those toned young twinks that have come before him. He soon learns exactly what is wanted from him before he's going to be let free. As the muscular Clown tears at his clothes and claws at his crotch, Felipe allows himself to grow. The look in the masked mans eyes proof that that is what he wants, and as he works his face up close against his tight body and dick, he's getting off on the very scent of fear and sex, and needs to see the boy shoot a heavy thick load before his appetite is satisfied, at least for now..


Dave London is the new toy of the gay dominant Clown. Stripped naked and having his body touched up by the muscular masked man, he's tied down to a chair to taste new pleasures. Dave's sporting a huge hard-on, his thick dick is a real treat for The Clown who can't get enough of it, but allows Dave to eventually get worked into a frenzy which climaxes in a torrent of spunk spurting from him.


Kayden Gray is outside, his balls are giant and his dick starts to feel heavy. Having a quick piss as he takes his last drag on his cigarette, we see his shaft visibly bigger, thicker and juicer, damn hot when dripping with piss. Given great close-ups of every moment of action, Kayden’s dick is slamming in our faces, as he peels off his sports gear, showing a slightly hairy body, buff pecs and abs fitting perfectly with his huge dick. Leaning between the rooftops of London, he works his meat harder and faster until we can see he’s ready to shoot, his body tensing, his muscled body bulging and shafting twitching on its own accord. The jets of spunk falling onto the camera from above, we see Kayden climax and the spunk stream from him as he then flips it back inside and continues his escape.


Lyle is playing to one of the horniest games a gay twink could ever experience. A collection of dildos and a fuck machine... and now, time to obey. Legs up and hole exposed, his smooth pale skin is merged with the pumping dildo from the machine, not being able to leave until the job is complete and he shoots his load from his impressively large dick for such a small young twink !


Young lad Jonah has been brought somewhere dark, the smell of sex in the air is thick, and a masked man walks around him, not giving his eyes the chance to adjust before he’s behind him, grabbing at his crotch like a rabid animal. Stroking his almost naked body, the hairy young man is hidden behind a clown mask, and gives no clues to who he is. He just wants to play with his new toy. Jonah’s dick is stiff in anticipation and as the man covers him in lube, the clear liquid run towards his now naked crotch, slick and slippery and perfect to be stroked and pulled on. With nowhere to go and no clothes to hide his shame, Jonah sits there , starting to enjoy the unknown man brining him closer and closer to orgasm until he finally shoots, and is left with cum dripping around his pubes, sweat and lube covering his young body.

My big black gay foot on your submissive face
My big black gay foot on your submissive face

This cute blong gay twink is offering a foot massage to his black friend from his soccer's team. But suddenly he starts to sniff his mate socks and his sneakers, revealing he's a foot slave. The black stud has big foot and the smell of them will drive the sub crazy. The good boy can't stock licking and worshiping them. He is going to get fucked hard by his new boss and will cum while playing with foot.


The muscled, furry fronted Clown is back with more boys he needs to milk. Totally anonymous, the masked man enjoys the feeling of control over his fit young men who find themselves tied to the chair, unable to break free until they release their loads, emptying their balls over hairy forearms, their own legs or abs. Lean Frenchman Guillaume Wayne is next on the hit list and he is put though a rigorous procedure as his cock and balls are pulled and stroked, the Clown keeping a very close eye on him as he tries to wriggle free – it doesn’t work and he, like everyone else has to sit back and take the cock play, and spurt his load before being left to work his own way out!


Wanting to play another game, we’re treated to Ashley’s latest sub already bound and blindfolded and this time Ashley has a helping pair of hands! Hidden from our view by a freaky clown mask, his helper is told to lube up his hands and slide his fingers into tanned young Mark Coxx, getting his hole opened for Ashley and for us! Moving up a gear to some giant blue dildos, Mark raises his ass in protest but in fact pushes himself back down, poorly hiding his hungry ass! Told to then sit down on an even bigger specimen, Ashley doesn’t miss a trick and nor does his helper, pulling Mark further down onto the dildo than he thought possible, he nearly swallows the whole thing as he slides up and down, the ribs pulling on his tight hole. Turned round and strapped down once again, our masked man jerks our hung star off until his shoots his load and then rubbing the fresh jizz over his still solid shaft. Mark might think the game is over, but Ashley has more plans for him…