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If you’re not getting turned on in a sex store like Fetch, then something is probably wrong! These horny young men head towards the back, with handsome Dmitry instantly drawn to the oversized dildos on the shelves and horny Guillaume joining in the fun. Venturing further towards the back, the mood heightens and they can’t control their urges for much longer. As Guillaume keeps an eye out, they’re lucky the store isn’t any busier as Dmitry drops to his knees and slurps on the rock hard shaft of his friend. Soon bending over, Dmitry pushes his ass up and out and the lean tattooed Guillaume slides up inside right there in the middle of the store!

Bound to his chair in the dank cellar, tattooed twink is topless and tied down, completely at the mercy of the masked man pulling him this way and that, his body is here for the pleasure of The Clown and nothing else. In his white vest, The Clown shows off nicely toned arms and the hint of a hairy chest - in any other scenario this would be one awesome duo, but poor young Charley is subjected to the twisted will of him instead. The Clown lubes up his hand and dives into Charley's crotch, pulling out that giant cut dick we all love to see - perhaps the Clown has seen Charley's package before, a deranged fan out to get a feel for the real thing! Edging him, pulling on his big dick, holding back Charley's head by his hair, he doesn't want the lad to forget who's in charge, even if Charley is hard as a rock. Pulling on his balls and stroking faster, Charley soon erupts his load, and covers his lower abdomen, and leaves The Clown wet with spunk, he's got what he wanted and leaves Charley to work out his next moves.

Ashley Ryder is back and playing his twisted games again. Jake is in the locker room of the gym getting undress from a long work out alone. Suddenly the door locks. Aware that something is not right he shouts out to who has locked it thinking that they might not realise that he is in there. Suddenly, a distorted voice comes over a loud speaker and Jake’s fear of something more sinister comes to reality. Being told he is being filmed and watched at all times by his captor he is told that the only way the door will be opened is to play the game. Agreeing to his fate he is shown where a key is hidden and realising that it opens a locker he opens it and the game becomes completely real. 3 big didoes and the only way to release that door are to lube up each one and stretch his tight man cunt over each one. The first one is easy but they get harder and harder and as the sweat of his endurance starts to bead on his forehead and chest he endeavours through his fate and stretches open his hole till he is bouncing up and down on each toy. His man hole rolling back and forward over the ridges and bumps that the toys have to offer. This is one tough arsenal kit. When the final toy is almost all the way in and he can take no more he shoots his load and creams over himself. The door is opened and he is free to go.

There's not a moment to lose when you're working in such a horny environment as Fetch, the premier South London sex store! Colleagues Logan Moore and Max Duro are always taking extra long breaks, and as we follow them out the back, it's for a very horny reason indeed! Super top fucker Max pleasures power bottom Logan in the back room, his bearded face buried between Logan's amazing ass cheeks which is soon replaced by his pulsating cock, fucking him into the wall, and Logan's muscular body pushing back hard, making Max go almost more than balls deep!

Good things come in small packages, and with Latino Danny Ancona this is definitely true. The horny young patron at Fetch store immediately claps eyes on the ultimate fuck machine. It's not on the shelf though, it's standing behind the counter flexing his huge muscles and a bulge that would make even the most powerful of tops' butt holes throb. It's easy to see why Danny would want a piece of this man mountain and with a wink and a nod they are back at Danny's flat getting butt naked and Danny is raising his rear like a bitch on heat. The famed thick dick of viktor rom is soon disappearing down a slick throat and up an aching hole, with only the muscled man visible from on top!!

Finding himself in a den of sex toys, Luke hears a disembodied voice telling him exactly what’s to be expected of him, and he keenly obeys these orders. Spreading his young cheeks apart and showing his hole to the camera, it’s a perfect site for any arse-lover, and the next barrage of orders are deigned to make Luke submit his hole entirely to the voice’s whim. Surrounded by Crackstuffer toys, they do exactly what they are designed to, starting from the smallest, Luke quickly goes through the range until his hole can’t stretch any more, but this boy can really take a lot up his arse! With great close-ups of it wrapping around the biggest blue shaft, his boyish hole is spread wider than ever, and he loves every second of this submission, his giant dick twitching and throbbing with every bounce on top of the massive toy, showing us the gaping space where they have been moments before he takes the biggest one there, and the biggest of his life, but he slides down it slowly, showing just how willing he is to please. Don’t miss the cum soaked trainers and his ass swallowing the dildo as his ass spasms in climax.

If there's ever a young man keen enough and open enough to take on the hardcore energy of Viktor Rom's immense dick and hard style, it's the stupidly handsome David Luca. He may be small in stature, but he's definitely huge in capacity! Viktor instantly gets into action after cruising some local Trade in store, and David knows exactly what kind of trouble he's getting himself into. Back to his, Viktor unleashes himself in full force and even little David is struggling to keep up! Fucked hard deep and fast on the sofa after a very wet and sloppy blowjob, David ends up sloppy from all ends and don't we all love it?!

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What’s not to love about the Italians? Horny, handsome and up for anything, Cris Costa is the perfect example and this dark haired pale skinned twink gives us unlimited access as he explores his own smooth body whilst on the couch spending his time softly stroking his dick and playing with that delicious butt of his. Sporting a sexy jock strap and football socks, the sporty young man loses himself in sexual distraction, leading to a great cumshot splattering his smooth body.

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