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Rascal Brits in action

Not a second to waste for these rascals gathered in a warehouse. They have limited time to fuck. A pure ass-banging session where the passive guy is getting treated like a bitch. It's hot, it's hard and rough...

First class sucker

Mateo Locatti is bored watching some low quality straight porn on his PC. So we decided to help him and send a first class sucker who's going to please this straight guy. It works...

Sleazy Fuckers

Lean young and hairy, fit Drew Dixon is one sleazy fucker who wants in on the action down the Back Alley. He's heard of the hung daddy types that frequent the sordid area and feels the urge to get his hole fucked raw by a hot horny stranger. No-one can blame him, and as he loiters by the bins and garbage, he's turned on just by the thought of getting rammed in such a disgusting place. Tanned daddy Dave is soon on the scene, sniffing out the next hungry bottom to use his dick on. With plenty of cock sucking and ball sucking, it's a match here tonight, and the lean abs and tight torso of Drew turns Dave on even more, his dick visibly pulsing as it's slapped against that ripe hole and we're given a verbal fuck with close up action of Dave's thick dick slamming the vocal Drew who lifts his legs high to get the stranger balls deep inside and spurting his hot load over his ass before fucking it in even deeper.

Dirty Daddy

Making room for some experienced fuckers, Josh Dors and Dominic Arrow hook-up for the first time for some serious thick dicked fun. Dominic’s leans body, hungry hairy hole and shaved head is Josh’s perfect type and we can see exactly what that does to our older daddy type! The dark skinned daddy, tattooed, muscled and super horny man pounds incessantly into Dominic, making him yell out as his ass is truly owned!

Gym Fit Fuckers

Young Johny Cruz is changing in the gym as his buddy leaves him to it and Johny, still sweaty from the workout breathes in the scent of the locker room, turning himself on as he slowly strips, rubbing his moist skin, his trim chest hair down to his bulging boxers, imaging his gym buddy is back in the room and giving him one final workout for the day. As if by magic, skin head Jason is back, his tall lean body naked and ready for action, even his big dick is rock solid and ready, much to Johny’s immediate appreciation! Raising his ass to the air, Johny offers his butt to the lean hung man and it’s taken straight away and he’s flipped and fucked in every position possible, he really can’t get enough! Almost knocking the locekrs over as they fuck, JOhny shoots whilst Jason’s deep inside, and Jason can’t hold back on the feeling of Johny’s butt clenching as he cums, pulls out and joins his spunk with his own, giving Johny a full coating of cum, mixing it with the sweat already pouring from him.

Gabriel Phoenix, Hot and Wild

Fully bound with amazing ropework, the hunky young Austin Sugar is at the mercy of hairy muscle man Gabriel Phoenix. Flexing against the ropes and fully cuffed into position, he's made to suck dick deep and take burning hot wax over his hairless toned body. Next on the menu is a hard ass workout, probed, stretched and fully used but toys, fingers and stiff raw dick! Leather clad Gabriel knows when to pull out and spray that fucked hole with a shower of cum though, and we love to see it drip back inside!

Deeper and Wider

Spanking new scene with horny bottom boy Korar Darver! Tattooed top Romeo loves to take charge, and push Korar's smooth hole wide open with a pig tunnel and leather harness, spitting his way deep into the bound twink. SPreading his legs and keeping them there, the gagged boy has no option, and no intention on escaping as his hole is fisted open and fucked raw, leaving an almost frictionless fuck for the rough dom top to enjoy!

Roughly fucked by two lads

A manly and sexy guy gets fucked by black and his white buddy. Both guys will him to suck their dicks and will finger hiss ass. These three fellows do not have time to waste in useless details and hugs. Just pure sex as we like.

Serve the master

Sexy slim Oska loves nothing more than dominating a horny sub, and Alon is more than happy to oblige! Tied, gagged and clamped, Alon is subjected to every whim of the young dom's desire. Swallowing his tasty dick, taking it hard as he's tied to the wall, pushed down hard to open his hole, Alon has no option but to let Oska do what he wants. The sweat starts to pour off them both, giving a heady scent of sex and leather we all love to love. Legs spread by a very hot ankle bar, Alon's delicious smooth hole is eaten, fucked and bred by Oska's hungry mouth and dick. Hard raw fucking at its finest!

Fuck that hole

Kinky tattooed fuckers Romeo and Ronnie get piggy together with as many toys as they can find. Romeo loves inflicting Ronnie with pain, and Ronnie loves it so much we can see his dick twitch with every tug of the nipple clamps! Bound, blindfolded and left to submit totally to his inked top, there's no escape! The cock hungry lad gets covered in gob, wax and flogged hard on that peachy ass of his before Romeo puts his cock to good use. Throat fucking him and getting his dick covered in spit, that ass is now ready for the real thing, and boy does he get it! That raw dick disappearing inside his guts as he's still tied down like a good little sub bitch. Bent double and fucked into his chair, the leather clad top sweats as he's about to shoot and we all know where we want that load to go!

Verbal gay domination : just obey, slave !

Finding himself in a den of sex toys, Luke hears a disembodied voice telling him exactly what’s to be expected of him, and he keenly obeys these orders. Spreading his young cheeks apart and showing his hole to the camera, it’s a perfect site for any arse-lover, and the next barrage of orders are deigned to make Luke submit his hole entirely to the voice’s whim. Surrounded by Crackstuffer toys, they do exactly what they are designed to, starting from the smallest, Luke quickly goes through the range until his hole can’t stretch any more, but this boy can really take a lot up his arse! With great close-ups of it wrapping around the biggest blue shaft, his boyish hole is spread wider than ever, and he loves every second of this , his giant dick twitching and throbbing with every bounce on top of the massive toy, showing us the gaping space where they have been moments before he takes the biggest one there, and the biggest of his life, but he slides down it slowly, showing just how willing he is to please. Don’t miss the cum soaked trainers and his ass swallowing the dildo as his ass spasms in climax.

Gay Breeding from Portugal, with love... and cum

Alejandro, a very charming gay dj from Portugal meets italian bottom stud Gaston. Gaston instantly gets addicted to his mate's big dick and take it raw in the ass. He is going to have a very huge gay breeding. So much cum in the ass that it will be hard to keep all of it inside.