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Working up quite a sweat on the pitch during training, coach Gabriel is putting in a few extra hours for the new kid Alex, but the weather seems to be against them as they head in before the heavens open. Back to the house, Gabriel peels off his sweat soaked top and crashes on the sofa next to the adoring Alex. The scent reaches the dark haired twink, and the muscled hairy coach plays the gamer perfectly. Leaning in to the already turned on new lad on his team – the real initiation is about to begin. Soon his pale young face is stuffed full of dick, and as he gets more and more undressed, the smooth milky white but inked skin is the perfect match for the tanned hairy torso of Gabriel Phoenix. This isn’t just any quick fuck where the coach is after the twinks ass, oh no. After a hard pounding, Alex flips back onto Gabriel and slams his own thick dick inside him, both guys sharing their dicks and asses like anyone should! The sweat on the field is nothing compared to what they work up on the sofa, and that mixed with heavy loads from each other is the perfect combination for a winning team.

It’s after a hot sweaty practice session late at night at the gym. His tutor’s left already so Johny is all alone, sweaty, horny and in his favourite singlet! Slowly peeling off the spandex to show is his ripped young body, stroking his defined six pack and stubbled face, he works his hands down to his growing bulge, the spandex not able to hide exactly what’s going on underneath! Pulling out his deliciously large uncut cock, he gives it to the camera, letting us almost reach out and lick the tip and taste his sweaty balls! Checking no-ones there to interrupt, or perhaps to see if anyone can help him.. Johny is left with a hungry hole and no-one to fill it for him! Sliding his fingers into his moistened hole, even that isn’t enough and out comes his trusty dildo, always with him for times of need! Bouncing on top of an even bigger one, Johny shoots his load before getting back dressed. He’s going to stay spunky and sweaty all the way home!

Arriving too late for the action, dark haired Alex is left with the stench of sex in the lair and not much else but used condoms and spunk soaked sweatpants. This doesn’t put him off though, quite the opposite as his whips out his solid dick, pulsating with the thought of what went on, and ready for the next time, he wets his shaft. Gently massing his head and length, our stubbled boy slaps his dick around as he plays with himself, showing himself to the camera and for our pleasure! When he pulls his legs up by his shoulders and exposes his smooth pink hole directly to us, we know we’re in for a good show, and it’s guaranteed when he sticks his fingers deep into his wet ass, slapping and pulling his cheeks apart. Keeping position and fingering himself as he uses a fleshjack on himself, the moment he rides up further and shoots his load in his own mouth and face will stay with you long after you’ve shot your own!

Forgotten in the cells, sexy Irish bad boy Samba is awoken by breaking glass, disturbed from a sexy dream his hard-on gives away and after calling out for attention, Samba realises he really is all alone in the dark, locked in for the night. Sporting a big stiffy and with nothing else to do, he pokes it through the bars for us, almost beckoning any cock hungry copper, but to no avail, they’re all too busy fucking each other in the office! Working his long shaft himself, the tattooed criminal gives himself the pleasure he craves and soon shoots a load over himself before trying to get some more shut-eye, dreaming of those handsome officers just around the corner!

We all need a little help now and again, and with hung, sexy priests Theo and Kayden offering encouragement to their parishioners, what could go awry? When the booth is occupied, the curtains are drawn and the young confessors and kneeling, it’s a help of a more physical variety than spiritual one of offer! A sneaky door is opened and out comes a helping hand or a thick juicy dick to treat them right and fuck them hard! Both Kayden and Theo have the perfect dick to fuck, huge, thick and throbbing, it’s every young man’s dream come true, and a Penance definitely worth taking. If this is the route to Heaven, imagine what it’s like once there!

Getting his hot smooth hole ready for the day of fucking he’s given himself, Dmitry Osten lube sit up with spit and slides a finger or two inside, pulling it open in anticipation for his first caller he’s invited to his Open Door day. Not having to wait too long, tall handsome Jason Domino quietly arrives and goes straight over the waiting boy, only a jockstrap and blindfold on him. Caressing his skin and slapping that peachy ass, Jason gets tongue deep inside Dmitry, tasting that he’s the first, but not the last guest for the day. Pulling on his target hole whilst getting blown and throat fucking the horny young fucker, Jason is soon rock solid and ready to pound his raw dick into the very hungry ass waiting for it. Flipping his toy around and pumping balls deep, Dmitry splits his legs wide and gives Jason the best access possible, all whilst we see every inch disappearing into the unused hole, Dmitry moaning out loud a he’s given the first taste of what’s to come. Nearing climax, Jason is joined by a new boy, Charley a big dicked twink who wants in on the action, but has to settle for a blowjob whilst Jason finishes his go on Dmitry, shooting over that freshly fucked hole and lapping it up, spitting his own spunk over Dmitry, leaving Charley to cream it up and add to the juice!

Inked muscle man Nick North opens the show playing with his long thick dick on the scaffolding, his black rubber vest getting the shining treatment when dark haired bottom Gabriel walks in, lube in hand and drips it over his master, rubbing it in and getting it slick. Devouring each other’s solid dicks, until the nose is in the pubes and stubbled chin is scratching at the balls. Teasing Gabriel’s hole with Nick’s cock, the bearded dom is pushing Gabriel head down against the platform and sliding straight up inside, right to the balls instantly, taking no prisoners! Shooting a hot load over the guys back, Gabriel then sits up, coated with spunk, to spurt his own thick load over himself, the sweating men ending up covered in all the good stuff.

Young rookie Johny Cruz is working late in the office when tall and handsome AJ comes in saying they should head off, leaving the paperwork for later. Eager to impress but keen not to look a loser, sexy Johny tries to explain his position, but AJ is all about another position, and wants to be the first to really welcome the young recruit to the force! Letting him in on a station secret, AJ decides to then show him exactly what the prisoners are used for here, and Johny is as always happy to learn the ropes! Propped up on the table, uniformed AJ soon strips his colleague down and plunges his giant bare dick straight up into Johny’s peachy and perfectly willing butt! Fucking the young man over and over, AJ’s beautiful raw dick disappears time and again inside Johny who happily bounces on top of it from tip to balls and works it hard, so much so that AJ struggles not to shoot deep inside him, preferring to pull out and coat the freshly fucked hole in spunk before pushing back deep, fucking his sperm into Johny, showing him exactly how it’s done here!

Turning over as the last man leaves, Dmitry is finally full and takes his mask off, letting him enjoy the stink of sweat, spunk and sex still in the air, fingering and scooping out as much cum as he can from his warm wet ass and bringing it to his mouth to savour the flavour of the many men who have come through his Open Door and left their seed behind. Jerking his handsome hard dick as he squirms in pleasure on the bed, he shoots his own load all over himself, his pink asshole twitching up close to the camera, the cum still dripping from it as it will for days, his fingers easily going inside, not one, not two but more and more, eager to discover the cum buried and fucked deep inside.

It’s the final confession of the day and Father Kayden receives an unexpected visitor not from his parish. Blond young stud Alex Silvers comes in with a problem, but it’s not a spiritual one, it’s one much closer to the truth! Knowing what Kayden does in this booth, the holy man has just fucked his boyfriend, and this time it’s the priest who needs his penance! Blackmailing the young, hung fucker, Alex is after revenge for deflowering his boyfriend, Kayden has no choice but take what’s coming to him, after all, he can’t have this booth exposed! Alex gets what he wants and takes the priests ass for his own and rams his own long dick into the moaning and groaning priest, giving as good as his boyfriend got from him previously! Rocking the booth ‘til it almost collapses, the priests game is up, at least for this service; there’s always next Sunday!

Luke Desmond and his monster dick is back for more ass action, and this time he’s joined by new boy and straight lad Daniel Johnson, keen to pick out their next prize and have their way with him! Choosing Alfie Bee, walking alone through the estates, it’s easy pickings for the duo, who take him, tied up to their lair. Slapping that hot ass hard, Luke gets Alfie ready for a harder and deeper fuck than ever he’s had before. Luke’s fully hard and fully wanton dick is ready to push into Alfies puckering hole, uneasy about that’s about to happen but his own big dick is filling nicely and shows he’s up for anything! Straight boy Daniel steps back and directs young Luke, spitting on Alfie’s dick as it gets harder and harder! Stuffing his pretty boy face with two dicks at once, Alfie’s given a foresight into what his ass is gonna have to get used to, not that he’s complaining! Tag fucked by Daniel and Luke and covered in spit and spunk from the face down, Alfie’s left to clean himself up, the lads are done with this one, for now!

Rocking the scaffolding as hung French fucker Guillaume Wayne plows deep into the bottom stud Sam Wallis, these rubber clad men are rock solid and hungry for dick and ass as they fuck in every position possible, using the structure they've come across to its very max. Sam slurps hungrily on Guillaume's thick uncut dick bursting from beneath the red and black rubber shorts, with a hot and handy zipper giving full access to Sam’s throat as he is face fucked balls deep! Sam's own rubber harness and jockstrap match the mood perfectly as he frames that bubble butt of his and buff chest and back, giving Guillaume the perfect accessory to pull the man backwards on his dick even deeper than he's gone before! The lube is running freely over their rubber gear, giving the shine they deserve and the look we love!