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Out past their bedtimes, young twinks Felipe and Sky have just one thing on their mind and won’t rest until they have had it. Exploring the Back Alley, tattooed olive skinned Felipe is after a hot hole to use and breed, and Sky James, the skinny hung bottom lad wants a huge dick to use him and fill him. The two boys meet up and it’s only a matter of seconds before their dicks are in each other’s mouths, Felipe’s giant thick dick pure heaven for Sky. Pushing the lithe young lad against the bricks, Felipe wastes no time in ramming it home, spreading Sky’s ass cheeks wide to get his hole wide enough for that raw dick to fuck hard! Pushing his impressive dick deep into the boy, Sky tries to struggle but Felipe is fucking him so hard into the ground there’s nowhere to go! The sight of his olive dick working into Sky’s pale hole is perfect, and the closer we get, the hornier it becomes! Squirting his young load all over his hole, he pulls out just in time to truly cover Sky’s hole, wad after wad covering his ass and hole, pushing it deep inside with his still quivering cock, helping the spunk inside the gaping hole with his fingers as Sky then ejects a massive load from his own big dick, leaving the alleyway stinking of sweat and sex.

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