Spit and Sweat
Spit and Sweat

Spit and Sweat

Gay video. Time: 18 min

Handsome Scottish soldier AJ may tell his girlfriend he loves her, but when he’s actually eyeing up his bunkmate working up a sweat as he exercises, his mind is obviously on the growing bulge than on pussy! Dark haired muscle man Antonio Miracle clearly catches him spying on his buff, sweaty torso and decides to make the most of it, swallowing dick like a starving man, Antonio takes AJ’s entire giant dick down to the balls, ready for his ass to take the entire length hard and raw. Still slick with spit, AJ’s cock needs little lube as Antonio lays back to swallow it all once more, but this time from his hot hairy ass! AJ’s slim pale torso flexing as the thick slab of meat pumps into the tanned muscle man, letting him feel each inch deeper and deep, stretching his hole wide around the uncovered shaft. Fucked hard, Antonio wants his own giant dick to get some of the action too, and flipping straight boy AJ over, gets his way and after a bit of spit, slams the whole load into him, his nicely upwardly curved dick gaining easy access into AJ, the sweat starting to drip of both horny fuckers, completely rock solid ad loving this versatile flip fuck. Feeding AJ his load, Antonio drips sweat and spurts spunk over his new found fuck-mate who laps every last drop off of the still hard shaft.

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