Jailhouse Fuck
Jailhouse Fuck

Jailhouse Fuck

Gay video. Time: 17 min

Out to cause trouble, young Irish tearaway Skikes is back behind bars with officer AJ on duty charged with keeping an eye on this disrespectful thug. Whilst his supervisor is there, AJ is professional and calm, but as soon as his boss clocks off, AJ turns around and lets the gobby little guy know who’s really boss around here! Unlocking the cell and letting himself in, AJ is already hard at the thought of what he’s going to submit his prisoner to, and it’s a hard-on hard to hide! Handcuffed and treated to a mouthful of hard uncut dick, Skikes doesn’t know whether it’s a punishment or a pleasure, but when his ass is soon plundered deep, it’s definitely the pleasure! Holding on to the bars of the cell, Skikes is slammed hard and deep, with the tattooed office giving his best to show him what he gets when he grabs his attention! The result is a mouth full of officer cum and but not even his statutory phone call!

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