Pushed Hard
Pushed Hard

Pushed Hard

Gay video. Time: 20 min

Head coach Dave likes to push his boys hard, and it’s now the turn of his best player Korar to have some extra time on the pitch with him. Learning a few new moves, Dave is keen to get him better and better, but with a sprain in the groin, his work may have been a bit too hard too soon. Taking him back to the locker room. Easing his tension there, his hand is guided higher and higher, until Korar’s intentions are blindingly clear, and the dicks are soon disappearing down each other’s throats! Fucking Korar, the smooth toned young man, right there in the locker room, it’s lucky this is extra-curricular and it’s empty! Dave thick dick drives itself home inside the young man over the benches, and the twink soon splatters that with a heavy load!!

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