Officer Submits

Time: 18 min

New officer Riley Tess is sent to deliver some good news, prisoner Craig has made bail and he can finally get rid of him and free up some time. Craig’s been a pain in the butt since arriving and he’s not getting any better even with bail. Pretending to be asleep, Riley has to enter the cell to get him out but is quickly jumped and the tables are turned! Officer Riley is now submitted to what the officers have been doing all along – fucking their way out of work! Whipping his giant dick out, Craig wants one final fuck before he leaves his cell and Riley is the man to give it to him. Thrusting his giant meat down his throat, bearded hairy cub Riley has no option, not that he’s complaining either, with a hot raw dick like that teasing his hole, it’s no surprise! It’s soon pumping away inside him, deeper than he’s ever had, the hot dick is fucking him hard – getting barebacked by a prisoner has never been hotter, and the sweat is soon glistening on their skin as Riley’s instinct takes over and he pushes back, wanting more raw dick inside, working his hole around the throbbing shaft until it explodes, unleashing Craig’s big load all over Riley’s freshly fucked ass, letting Riley suck the remaining spunk off as he finishes himself off, covered in cum at both ends!

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