Play with your manly ass in the locker room
Play with your manly ass in the locker room

Play with your manly ass in the locker room

Gay video. Time: 16 min

Ashley Ryder is back and playing his twisted games again. Jake is in the locker room of the gym getting undress from a long work out alone. Suddenly the door locks. Aware that something is not right he shouts out to who has locked it thinking that they might not realise that he is in there. Suddenly, a distorted voice comes over a loud speaker and Jake’s fear of something more sinister comes to reality. Being told he is being filmed and watched at all times by his captor he is told that the only way the door will be opened is to play the game. Agreeing to his fate he is shown where a key is hidden and realising that it opens a locker he opens it and the game becomes completely real. 3 big didoes and the only way to release that door are to lube up each one and stretch his tight man cunt over each one. The first one is easy but they get harder and harder and as the sweat of his endurance starts to bead on his forehead and chest he endeavours through his fate and stretches open his hole till he is bouncing up and down on each toy. His man hole rolling back and forward over the ridges and runs that the toys have to offer. This is one tough arsenal kit. When the final toy is almost all the way in and he can take no more he shoots his load and creams over himself. The door is opened and he is free to go.

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