The Clown & Billy
The Clown & Billy

The Clown & Billy

Gay video. Time: 14 min

Tied to the chair, blond muscle boy Billy Rock has no idea where he is, or what is wanted from him. The masked master walking around him, pulling on his nipples and scratching at his smooth muscular abs and chest is fully in charge and takes great pleasure in it. Rubbing and pulling on his victims flesh, The Clown, with a sexy trimmed chest and stubble takes his time before ripping off the dirty pillowcase covering Billy's head with one hand as the other works it's way south to in between his legs. Pulling out Billy's now stiff dick, he begins to work out what The Clown wants, and won't let him go until the cum is flowing from the young lad. Lubing up the stuff shaft, The Clown gets real close to the dick and balls, taking in the scent of sweat and fear, the precise mix he gets off on. Pumping hard and harder, The Clown gets what he's been after and feeds the juice back to Billy before leaving him a cum covered victim, still tied to the chair!

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