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New officer Riley Tess is sent to deliver some good news, prisoner Craig has made bail and he can finally get rid of him and free up some time. Craig’s been a pain in the butt since arriving and he’s not getting any better even with bail. Pretending to be asleep, Riley has to enter the cell to get him out but is quickly jumped and the tables are turned! Officer Riley is now submitted to what the officers have been doing all along – fucking their way out of work! Whipping his giant dick out, Craig wants one final fuck before he leaves his cell and Riley is the man to give it to him. Thrusting his giant meat down his throat, bearded hairy cub Riley has no option, not that he’s complaining either, with a hot raw dick like that teasing his hole, it’s no surprise! It’s soon pumping away inside him, deeper than he’s ever had, the hot dick is fucking him hard – getting barebacked by a prisoner has never been hotter, and the sweat is soon glistening on their skin as Riley’s instinct takes over and he pushes back, wanting more raw dick inside, working his hole around the throbbing shaft until it explodes, unleashing Craig’s big load all over Riley’s freshly fucked ass, letting Riley suck the remaining spunk off as he finishes himself off, covered in cum at both ends!

Servicing dick like a professional, Dmitry loves the taste of them and Gabriel loves the feeling of getting his dick tongue worshipped, especially as he watches the horny boy fingering his loaded ass from the visitors before him. Pulling Dmitry’s arms up over his head, Gabriel knells on them, leaving Dmitry vulnerable whilst sucking dick, his armpits in full view of the camera and fingers his spunk filled ass as he nears his own climax. Joined By hunky Matt Anders just as Gabriel’s is working up a sweat, he pulls the new guest by his dick towards the star of the show and Matt wastes no time getting his fingers wet with cum and his dick wet with spit as Dmitry sucks on both at the same time, feeling like the cock-whore he’s always wanted to be.

Hung young James heads to church with a heavy heart. He’s got a problem that only Father Kayden, with his famously thick long dick can solve. Afraid he won’t get into Heaven, Kayden soon relaxes this young soul by reaching out to him, physically more than spiritually! With some encouraging words, our priest quickly gets what he wants as James, on his knees gets a face stuffed full of giant dick, twitching and dripping precum as his tongue caresses every inch, and there are a lot of them! Slowly working his thick shaft into James through the concealed entrance, James is fucked hard and fast, his own huge dick pushed down, solid at every thrust into him, the grace of God pushing deeper into him than he thought possible. The feeling of Kayden fucking him is pure ecstasy and he soon can’t take much more and shoots his load, covering the booth in sticky juice, the confession is done and the penance is paid!

Dark haired studs Nathan Raider and Wolf Rayet get their rubber gear on, and their juicy thick dicks out. The muscled young men, hairy chested and horny as hell look scorching hot as they devour each other’s throbbing dicks, swallowing the whole shafts down to the fuzzy pubic hair and back again - all the while their shiny rubber gear glistening in the low light of the construction zone. As they rub their slick kit, feeling the muscled bodies underneath, the ass gets hungry and the dicks wanting to be buried inside the furry crack, balls deep!

Hung twink Charley Cole is left with a cum covered Dmitry after the previous guy leaves, and the smell of sex is already in the air. Rock hard at the sight and feel of a juicy ass as Dmitry pushes Charley’s fingers deeper inside him, Charley can’t wait to strip fully naked and really get he dick plunging into a hot mouth and even hotter, wetter hole. Pushing his giant dick deep into the moaning Dmitry, Charley pounds hard, the skinny twink with the giant dick going all the way in and all the way out, switching from ass to mouth as Dmitry tastes not only his ass, but cum from the stranger before Charley. Using his own spit as lube, Charley heads back to that delicious, now gaping asshole and slams faster and harder, ready to empty his balls all over Dmitry and sliding his still ejaculating dick inside, mixing two loads together inside the horny young man.

Out to cause trouble, young Irish tearaway Skikes is back behind bars with officer AJ on duty charged with keeping an eye on this disrespectful thug. Whilst his supervisor is there, AJ is professional and calm, but as soon as his boss clocks off, AJ turns around and lets the gobby little shite know who’s really boss around here! Unlocking the cell and letting himself in, AJ is already hard at the thought of what he’s going to submit his prisoner to, and it’s a hard-on hard to hide! Handcuffed and treated to a mouthful of hard uncut dick, Skikes doesn’t know whether it’s a punishment or a pleasure, but when his ass is soon plundered deep, it’s definitely the pleasure! Holding on to the bars of the cell, Skikes is slammed hard and deep, with the tattooed office giving his best to show him what he gets when he grabs his attention! The result is a mouth full of officer cum and but not even his statutory phone call!

Snatched by the masked man from the park, blond scally lad Justin is pinned down and strapped to a board by Darius Ferdynand, who’s found his prey and wants to enjoy him long and slowly. Pulling out his rock hard juicy dick for his boy to suck hard on, our top fucker gets slowly undressed, keeping his power all the time with our Aussie captive. Face fucked hard, Justin takes the whole shaft down his throat, lapping at Darius’ smooth tasty balls. Showing off his toned and hairless body for us, the hung young man moves his attention from Justin’s face to his ass, raising his legs, the only free limbs he’s got, and plunges his entire length into him, fucking that tight white hole harder and deeper against his tied boy, working those hips and giving us the best fuck we’ve seen in ages, those loose balls slapping against slapped and rosy ass cheeks until Darius gets coated in spunk, not what he wanted, as he’s far from finished with his prize!

Hung young twink master Felipe Capuco, dark olive skin and tousled hair, waits for his tall stubbled sub twink to arrive and lube up his black and red rubber shirt. Obliging his master, Dante Lucas does this, and works his wet hands down to Felipe's waiting, twitching cock. Licking his lips as he kneels before him and slurps on the thick shaft which he knows will soon be slamming inside him, Dante works it with relish, his own smooth body framed perfectly in a rubber singlet. These two boys get slick with lube, their shining rubber outfits adding to the sleazy nature of Felipe's dominant side coming out as he really does own this bottom boy after spraying his ass and rubber gear with a huge heavy load.

Father Theo Reid is back in his confessional and opens the partition screen to Justin Blake. Justin is straight, blond and a hot young Aussie. He feels that recently he has done something terribly wrong and not even his girlfriend can find out. Justin has been cruising the online chat rooms and speaking with a girl, well he though she was a she.. They arranged to meet and when she turned up if turned out to be a hot guy. Overcome by disappointment but totally horned up from what they talked about online he says he opened the door and fucked with the guy. This confession just turns Theo on even more than before and it’s not long before he’s leaning back, stroking himself as he hears every sordid detail! Reaching through the concealed hole, Theo rests a hand on Justin. Surprised but excited Justin succumbs quickly to Father Theo’s advances and they both enjoy what god gave them through the glory hole. Justin relives getting fucked from his confession as Theo fucks him hard enough to almost being the confessional down, the moans and groans surely giving the game away to the congregation! Theo doesn’t take any prisoners and keeps fucking our toned slightly muscled bottom boy until they both shoot hot thick cum over each other.

Tempting his mate over with his surprise, Luke Desmond arrives already semi hard at the thought of having a piece of this ass! Instantly whipping that famous big dick out and slapping it over Justin’s face, there’s no waiting around for the action to start! Pulling his polo shirt over his head, Luke’s fit lean body will give us all hard-ons whilst watching his giant dick work hard on the boy tied beneath them. Darius loves showing off his boy to his mate, and moves aside to let Luke get to work on his ass, fucking him hard on his back, sliding his meat in and out as Darius wanks over the scorching hot scene, just like the rest of us! Flipped and fucked doggy, Justin gets twice the pleasure as Luke’s dick already inside him is joined by Darius’, pounding Justin with two massive dicks, pulling him back onto them both until he feels about to split down the middle and then fucked some more! The sight of Luke’s monster firmly wedged inside Justin whilst Darius slides back and forth is a picture to behold and will have us all shooting our loads just as much as Luke and Darius do.

Waiting for his next visitor to come through the Open Door, Dmitry Osten plays with his cum filled hole, two loads down and it’s looking like a good day so far. Fingering and stretching his already abused ass, he hears the door open and straight guy Dale has been tempted to get his dick serviced by a horny lad this time! Fucking Dmitry in the face, the bottom boy has no idea who he is devouring, only that it’s what he wants and what he’s left his door open for! Getting his ass roughly played with, Dale is one dominant fucker and is soon sliding his way into ass, male ass, completely raw and feeling every inch getting deeper. Moaning at the harsh handling of his hole, Dmitry loves it and is there to take dick and swallow spunk down his asshole and into his guts, and Dale more than obliges. In the midst of a rough pounding, Dale is joined by yet another visitor, Gabriel and bearded handsome young man who rests on the bed and slowly jerks off at the sight of Dmitry getting fucked raw by a complete stranger. With Dale flipping the boy over and pulling on his dick as his own sinks further, Gabriel spit-roasts the boy, his long dick throat fucking Dmitry who still has it in his mouth as his ass is given the third load of the day, Dale scooping up the thick white load and pushing it deep into his hole, plunging his dick after to give a hot creampie and filling that ass nicely. Still getting his dick sucked, Gabriel wants more as Dale leaves, having done what he wanted and leaving the bottom slut to work more cum from the strangers entering his Open Door.

It starts as a normal day for photographer Elio and suit model Craig Daniel, posing in the sharp detailed outfits, Elio is used to working with the hottest men in the business, but there's something about craig that's really turning him on. He must have a sense for big dicks, as when the underwear shoot comes round, the big dick is hard to hide, especially as it's growing in stiffness with each passing second. Sucking on it whilst on his knees, power bottom Elio gazes up at the hairy muscled man, dick in mouth, almost willing him to fuck! Without a moments pause, Elio is lifted up, fucked hard and then pushed to the couch and fucked some more, Craig's massive dick disappearing inside the hungry hole of Elio over and over. Burying the whole length into Elio, Craig can't contain his load much longer and unleashes it after getting covered by his new found fuck buddy!