Luke Desmond

Luke Desmond

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Tempting his mate over with his surprise, Luke Desmond arrives already semi hard at the thought of having a piece of this ass! Instantly whipping that famous big dick out and slapping it over Justin’s face, there’s no waiting around for the action to start! Pulling his polo shirt over his head, Luke’s fit lean body will give us all hard-ons whilst watching his giant dick work hard on the boy tied beneath them. Darius loves showing off his boy to his mate, and moves aside to let Luke get to work on his ass, fucking him hard on his back, sliding his meat in and out as Darius wanks over the scorching hot scene, just like the rest of us! Flipped and fucked doggy, Justin gets twice the pleasure as Luke’s dick already inside him is joined by Darius’, pounding Justin with two massive dicks, pulling him back onto them both until he feels about to split down the middle and then fucked some more! The sight of Luke’s monster firmly wedged inside Justin whilst Darius slides back and forth is a picture to behold and will have us all shooting our loads just as much as Luke and Darius do.

Meeting your new roomie could go one way or the other, but luckily for Luke V, his new buddy is slim sexy and constantly horny Luke D! Dropping his stuff off on the floor and heading for a shower, Luke V disappears, not realising his bag of dildo goodness has opened and is within easy reach of Luke D! Before the shower is even turned on, he's reaching down and grabbing the nearest one, sliding it inside his ever-hungry hole! Caught in the act, both these Luke's decide to get to know each other very well, all with the help of giant dildo's and of course giant dicks! Luke D's long solid cock gets his first go into ass, and Luke V rides him like the cock hungry young man he is! Eager to please his roomie, they switch, and Luke V even gets double penetrated with a dildo plus dick! That's determination and a talented young hole!

Two friends are catching up with a beer, talking about life and their latest session. Both agree that they love big cocks and...fucking. It comes as no surprise when they end-up in a bedroom and start fucking. There's no better way to catch up!

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