Break Time Stuffing
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Break Time Stuffing


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Slowly dressing, covering their twinky bodies in loose vests and shorts that don’t disguise even the slightest bulge – Charley Cole has no chance in hiding his giant cut dick from blond twink Kamyk Walker! Pulling slowly on it over the nylon fabric, Charley embraces the bulge and Kamyk can’t wait to do the same! Licking and caressing Charley’s lean smooth body, Kamyk teases himself and everyone else with slowly making his way down to Charley’s now stiff dick and then taking it between his wet red lips, the young face and throat taking as much of the length in as possible. Only when Charley pulls on the back of Kamyk can he reach balls deep, the head of his dick must be halfway down his throat! Slurping and tasting every last bit of Charley’s gorgeous cock and balls, Kamyk gives in to his wishes and exposes that smooth pink hole of his, well known for taking big dicks, this one however will be a struggle even for Kamyk! Plenty of lube dripping down to ease the access and getting as deep as possible gives us the best close-up action as the pale hairless twinks have a work-out like no other, leaving them fully spent, Kamyk’s back covered in wads of juice from Charley, shooting as soon as he pulls out, easing every last drop over the fucked young lad!
Snatched 2
Luke Desmond and his monster dick is back for more ass action, and this time he’s joined by new boy and straight lad Daniel Johnson, keen to pick out their next prize and have their way with him! Choosing Alfie Bee, walking alone through the estates, it’s easy pickings for the duo, who take him, tied up to their lair. Slapping that hot ass hard, Luke gets Alfie ready for a harder and deeper fuck than ever he’s had before. Luke’s fully hard and fully wanton dick is ready to push into Alfies puckering hole, uneasy about that’s about to happen but his own big dick is filling nicely and shows he’s up for anything! Straight boy Daniel steps back and directs young Luke, spitting on Alfie’s dick as it gets harder and harder! Stuffing his pretty boy face with two dicks at once, Alfie’s given a foresight into what his ass is gonna have to get used to, not that he’s complaining! Tag fucked by Daniel and Luke and covered in spit and spunk from the face down, Alfie’s left to clean himself up, the lads are done with this one, for now!