Gay Dominant Clown
Gay Dominant Clown

Gay Dominant Clown

Gay video. Time: 15 min

Bound to his chair in the dank cellar, tattooed twink is topless and tied down, completely at the mercy of the masked man pulling him this way and that, his body is here for the pleasure of The Clown and nothing else. In his white vest, The Clown shows off nicely toned arms and the hint of a hairy chest - in any other scenario this would be one awesome duo, but poor young Charley is subjected to the twisted will of him instead. The Clown lubes up his hand and dives into Charley's crotch, pulling out that giant cut dick we all love to see - perhaps the Clown has seen Charley's package before, a deranged fan out to get a feel for the real thing! Edging him, pulling on his big dick, holding back Charley's head by his hair, he doesn't want the lad to forget who's in charge, even if Charley is hard as a rock. Pulling on his balls and stroking faster, Charley soon erupts his load, and covers his lower abdomen, and leaves The Clown wet with spunk, he's got what he wanted and leaves Charley to work out his next moves.

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