Flip Fucked

Time: 22 min

Working up quite a sweat on the pitch during training, coach Gabriel is putting in a few extra hours for the new kid Alex, but the weather seems to be against them as they head in before the heavens open. Back to the house, Gabriel peels off his sweat soaked top and crashes on the sofa next to the adoring Alex. The scent reaches the dark haired twink, and the muscled hairy coach plays the gamer perfectly. Leaning in to the already turned on new lad on his team – the real initiation is about to begin. Soon his pale young face is stuffed full of dick, and as he gets more and more undressed, the smooth milky white but inked skin is the perfect match for the tanned hairy torso of Gabriel Phoenix. This isn’t just any quick fuck where the coach is after the twinks ass, oh no. After a hard pounding, Alex flips back onto Gabriel and slams his own thick dick inside him, both guys sharing their dicks and asses like anyone should! The sweat on the field is nothing compared to what they work up on the sofa, and that mixed with heavy loads from each other is the perfect combination for a winning team.

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